ANDER-E-S SEHEN 2014 - Auf den Strassen Biels

Art education project for adults initiated by Sarah Stocker, Art Education CentrePasquArt, September 4th - November 2nd 2014.

Different people from Biel were invited to take part in walks through their city and talked about the public space while walking. They would like to share their experience of this central topic of the exhibition “MOUVEMENT III – The City Performed” with you and thus invite you to see differently / different things / other people.



Follow this link to get an insight into these walks:





Art education project for adults initiated by Sarah Stocker, art education CentrePasquArt, with participants of the Autonomous School Biel, June 24th – September 1st 2013.


“I think our minds are all stuck on one thing: What can we do to earn money, make a living here etc.? When you go to a place like this (Kunsthaus), you need to have a cool mind. If you have to think about finding work, you can’t go deeper in thinking about art.”

“The difference between this art and old art is that earlier, one spent more time making it.” – “At least he (the artist) used his mind! He had to think for two months or more…”

“She does it with all her heart!”


This project was generously supported by pro helvetia.




Schlussbericht / Rapport final